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VIDEO: Chihuahua drives SUV across busy road

Chihuahua drives SUV across busy road in Slidell, La. (Slidell Police)

SLIDELL, La. (CBS12) – There's yet another story of a driving dog, this time in Slidell, Louisiana.

Police shared a video of an SUV that pulled away from a gas pump and drove in reverse across a busy road.

On the video, the owner of the SUV runs after it, but can't hold on as it crosses the street.

Police say it's a miracle no one was hurt. In the video, cars are whizzing by, but when the SUV starts the cross the street, it seems like there's a break in traffic. The driver catches up with her car across the street.

So, how did this happen?

Turns out, the owner's 5-pound Chihuahua accidentally put the SUV in reverse, sending it across the road.

Police said the SUV had some sort of mechanical issue that allowed the transmission to change gears without someone having to press the brake.

Last week, we showed you video of a dog taking a car for a spin in Port St. Lucie. The dog accidentally moved the gear shift into reverse, setting the car in motion in the cul-de-sac. Police eventually stopped the car, but not after it damaged a mailbox.