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Volunteers needed to help create veteran sanctuary in Clio

Hope Floats for Veterans wants to build a sanctuary for veterans in Clio. - WEYI.PNG
Hope Floats for Veterans wants to build a sanctuary for veterans in Clio. - WEYI.PNG

CLIO, Mich. - Three men are working to bring a big vision to life in Clio, by making a sanctuary for veterans.

“It's all about making somebody else's life better, whether it's directly towards a veteran. I told Damon, I'm going to try my best to help your vision, your dream come true,” said Matt Nelson, the Managing Member of Veterans Dare to Care, Series LLC.

But, they're facing a problem and need the community's help to get their project started.

“All of us, we all have some physical limitations so we're good from about 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, and then we're pretty well used up by then so that's a physical limitation,” said Hope Floats for Veterans, Inc. Chairman, Damon Huffman.

Damon Huffman has donated 62 acres of land to build a sanctuary for veterans, who are experiencing trauma.

"I'm a Vietnam veteran. I am one of the lucky ones that got to come back. There were so many that didn't and so many that when they came back, they were hurt in a lot of different ways and what we're trying to do here is help those that didn't make it back," said Hope Floats for Veterans President, Bill Kean.

The property will include opportunities for work and floating homes so veterans can live on the property in house boats while being employed.

"We try to create marketable job skills where we can create value at our products, where we can create a revenue stream that will support this community. We're brand new. This is our first year and we've accomplished a lot," said Huffman.

Overall, the project would cost $47,000 to get more items to complete their project.

So far, the team has five pontoons, additional building material, windows and doors to build the first homes into Mississippi shanties.

The only problem is, they just need anyone who wants to volunteer to help bring their vision to life.

"I really think there's a tsunami coming of homelessness. The moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, that's up now," said Huffman. "I'm hoping that it can be a solution for the whole world, these floating homes."

Learn more in the clip below:

Huffman, although not a veteran himself, just wants to show his gratitude and support with this project.

Anyone with any skills or just the compassion to help is asked to join this effort.

If you are interested, visit the Hope Floats for Veterans Facebook Page. You can also contact Damon Huffman by email at

You can also stop by their RBV (Run by Veterans) Sawmill at 6370 W. Wilson Road, Clio, MI 48420.

We reached out to Vienna Township's Supervisor, and he tells Mid-Michigan NOW no one has made application in any type of event to be held on this private property. When it comes to fruition, it'll have to go through the planning commission, and then the neighbors will have the opportunity to voice their concerns.