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Grand Blanc family is granted Make-A-Wish, needs the community's help achieving it

Tuck’s Army is working hard to raise money for Tuck’s Make-A-Wish. (Photo credit: Chelsea Smith)

GRAND BLANC, Mich. - A Grand Blanc family needs your help to make their son’s dream come true.

They hope to build a Water Wonderland for their son Tucker, who has Angelman Syndrome.

It’s a genetic disorder causing developmental challenges and nerve-related symptoms.

“Tucker is non-verbal and learning to use a talker,” said Tucker’s mom, Chelsea Smith. “He has epilepsy, sleep disorders, some delays.”

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Doctors told Tucker’s family he would never walk or experience things like love.

But according to his mom, Tucker continues to defy the odds.

“He’s kicking butt. We call our group that fundraises for Tucker, Tuck’s Army, and that’s because he’s always been a tank. He just plows through everything life throws him, “said Smith.

He’s even found new activities that make him happy, like swimming.

During the pandemic, Tucker’s mom tells us he fell in love with their neighbor’s swimming pool.

That’s why they want to build him a Water Wonderland, with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who’s donating the tub by the end of October.

“This process started back in the end of 2018,” said Smith. “He was accepted for a wish in the beginning of 2019, and here we are at the end of 2021, so to actually get to see this come to realization and knowing how much Tucker is going to love that is incredible.”

Right now, the family needs more volunteers to build, and help with ideas from a contractor or architect.

Some of the features they want for the Water Wonderland is for it to be a warm water tub that’s semi-enclosed with non-slip floors, so Tucker is safe.

Because Tucker doesn’t understand what danger means, they say a hot tub is a risk for him.

So far, the family has raised about $2,500.

Their goal is to get to $20,000 to make Tucker’s wish come true.

“Tucker is going to get to play like a typical kid year-round, and something that hurt through the pandemic and obviously winter in Michigan, is that he couldn’t be with his friends. He couldn’t be outside. He doesn’t tolerate temperatures well,” said Smith. “He doesn’t regulate his own temperatures out in the crazy sun or these frigid temperatures isn’t great for him, so to make a space where he can stay with his friends, with his family, enjoy something he likes doing, bring others into that, it just gives him something typical that he doesn’t have right now.”

Watch the full video for more:

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In the meantime, the family encourages people to share their story and continue raising awareness for Angelman Syndrome.

Here’s where you can join his Facebook group, and also donate to build his Water Wonderland.

If you’re an interested sponsor, you can email Chelsea