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Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Television and streaming

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Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Television and streaming{ }

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — Once upon a time there was television. Just television. No cable or streaming services to complicate things. I still tend to think of series (limited, mini or otherwise classified) as television experiences but with more and more people turning to their phones, tablets and computers it might be just about time for me to rethink my adjectives.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled to put this section together as it includes an incredibly eclectic mix of comedy, sci-fi, western, soap opera, horror, action, reality and just about anything else that you could possibly imagine. It starts with a sampling of "Ted Lasso" and closes with "NCIS: New Orleans" with a "Parks and Recreation" album thrown in between. There are books, board games, clothes, collectables and even a few cookbooks. Even if you're shopping for the most impossible of people, there are options out there.

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Descriptions provided by the manufactures with the occasional edit for brevity and clarity.

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The world was looking for hope. Instead, we found Ted Lasso. Jason Sudeikis stars as Ted Lasso, an American football coach who is hired to helm AFC Richmond, an English soccer team. Ted doesn't know anything about English culture or soccer. He's not an ugly American as much as he is an optimistic buffoon. Here's just a sampling of Ted Lasso themed merchandise that you'll find at The WB Shop.

  • AFC Richmond Crest 17oz Pint Glass - No matter what your choice of drink is, there's no denying that it'll taste much better out of this authentic A.F.C. Richmond pint glass.

  • Team Lasso 20oz Screw Top Water Bottle with Straw - Sip your favorite beverage and represent your favorite show with this stainless steel water bottle!

  • AFC Richmond V-Neck Sweater - Look just like Ted Lasso in this A.F.C. Richmond V-Neck Sweater. This Ted Lasso inspired sweater features fully-fashioned sleeves for strength, comfort and longer wear.

  • Be a Goldfish Laser Engraved Wine Tumbler with Straw - This Ted Lasso Be a Goldfish Wine Tumbler features Ted's famous quote etched on our 12oz tumbler with straw. Available in black, navy and white.

  • AFC Richmond Crest Scarf - Cheer on your beloved A.F.C. Richmond Greyhounds with the official A.F.C. Richmond Crest Scarf.

  • AFC Richmond Navy Training Shorts - Inspired by Ted Lasso and the bold A.F.C. Richmond colors, these shorts are perfect for training or lounging.

  • AFC Richmond Crest Athletic Socks - Features the famed A.F.C. Richmond Crest from Ted Lasso, these socks are made with a breathable fabric across the top of the foot and a supportive band around the arch.

  • AFC Richmond Track Jacket - This A.F.C. Richmond Jacket is a fully pieced track jacket with an embroidered A.F.C. Richmond Crest and Winged Logo.

  • AFC Richmond Crest White Mug - Featuring the A.F.C. Richmond crest across the front, this white mug is perfect to bring to work or keep in your kitchen in preparation for the next big match.

  • Personalized AFC Richmond Knit Jersey - This A.F.C. Richmond Ted Lasso jersey is lightweight, breathable, and designed to look just like the one's you see on field in Ted Lasso. Personalize it with your name and number.

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  • Sex and the City: The Complete Series + 2 Movie Collection - All six seasons of the iconic HBO series plus both feature films packed together in one stylish box set. The story continues with "And Just Like That..." coming to HBO in December.

  • Younger: The Complete Series - All 8 seasons on 10 discs of Darren Star's ("Sex and the City") "Younger." The series follows Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old mom passing herself off as a 20-something assistant. Though her ruse lands her a dream job in publishing, a hot young boyfriend, and a fun new millennial squad, cracks began to form in her plan as she realizes that her secret was hurting those closest to her.

  • Emily in Paris: Season One - Lily Collins stars as Chicago marketing executive Emily Cooper who, after suddenly landing a dream job in Paris, embraces her adventurous new life and says oui to possibility as she juggles work, friendships and romance while navigating a whole new culture.

  • Peaky Blinders: Under New Management Board Game - Travel back to the golden twenties, to the city Birmingham after the first World War. Play your own role in an exciting gangster war between different factions. Increase your personal stats like charisma, strength and intellect to overcome your enemies and accomplish your missions.

  • The Equalizer: Season One - Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah), an enigmatic woman with a mysterious background, uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn.

  • Yellowstone: The First Three Seasons Gift Set - Written and directed by Taylor Sheridan ("Hell or High Water"), ”Yellowstone” is an engrossing family drama that follows the epic story of a multi-generational family that controls the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S. Kevin Costner leads a sensational cast. The set includes featuring 12 discs, collectible packaging, and a set of four themed drink coasters.

  • Walker: Season One - "Walker," a reimagining of the long-running series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” stars Jared Padalecki (“Supernatural”) as Cordell Walker, a widower and a father, returns home to Austin, Texas to attempt to reconnect with his children after being away for a year. While navigating clashes with his family and life with his new partner Micki Ramirez, he becomes increasingly suspicious about the events surrounding his wife’s death.

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  • Parks and Recreation: Leslie for Class President! - Filled with fan-favorite characters and hilarious references to the acclaimed TV show, this storybook is an age-appropriate way for fans of Parks and Recreation to share their love with the whole family!

  • Parks and Recreation: Ron Swanson Funko Pop! - Ron Swanson is stern, stiff, and taking on his toughest battle yetthe flu. Ron Swanson is feeling very unlike himself, but your Parks and Recreation collection will love to have him as their boss all the same.

  • Parks and Recreation: Mouse Rat: The Awesome Album - Mouse Rat is the fictional “Parks and Recreation” band led by Chris Pratt's character Andy Dwyer. Available for the first time ever on limited edition vinyl, CD, and cassette.

  • Parks and Recreation: The Complete Series - Join small-town civil servant Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) for every awkward strategy meeting, kooky idea and delicious bite of waffle as she strives to make City Hall a better place.

  • Friends: The Official Central Perk Cookbook - "Friends: The Official Central Perk Cookbook" offers a variety of recipes for chefs of all levels. From appetizers and small bites to drinks and desserts, each chapter includes iconic treats from the show and cafĂ©.

  • MasterChef Family Cooking Game - Bring the MasterChef experience into your kitchen and gamify mealtime with this exciting new culinary board game. It’s a wild cooking adventure that keeps kids entertained while learning how to cook.

  • VR MasterChef Junior - Virtual Reality Kids Cookbook and Interactive Food Science STEM Learning Activity Set for kids covers 30 delicious recipes, and even tackles sauces, dressings and knife skills as we take on STEM with the science behind food!

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  • A Game of Thrones The Card Game Second Edition Core Set - Across the Seven Kingdoms and beneath the Narrow Sea, the Great Houses of Westeros are pitted against one another in bitter conflict. This second edition of a beloved Living Card Game features cunning plots, iconic characters and deadly encounters. Set in the world of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, every game invites you to take command of iconic factions and battle for power.

  • Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection - 73 Episodes. 8 Epic Seasons. Over 15 Hours of additional Features. Based on the bestselling book series by George R.R. Martin and created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

  • A Feast for Crows: Folio Society Edition - Discover the story of treachery and magic that began with the phenomenal "A Game of Thrones." This lavish edition of George R. R. Martin’s "A Feast for Crows" is illustrated by Jonathan Burton. The fourth volume in the greatest fantasy series of the modern age marks a new chapter in the battle for the Iron Throne: one where new voices step forward to tell their part in the saga.

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  • La Belle Sauvage: ‘The Book of Dust’ - Volume 1: Folio Society Edition - Philip Pullman expands the world of the His Dark Materials series. Taking place 12 years before the events of Northern Lights, this coming-of-age epic gives readers a glimpse of Lyra Belacqua as a baby and reveals the remarkable events and heroics that led to her finding a home at Jordan College. The brilliant keystones of Lyra’s world – the daemons, the aleithometer – are still present, only alongside a new set of heroes to love and to follow. HBO's "His Dark Materials" returns in 2022.

  • The Foundation Trilogy: Folio Society Edition - Isaac Asimov’s science-fiction epic The Foundation Trilogy is introduced by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman and illustrated by British artist Alex Wells. Inspired by Edward Gibbon’s "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," "The Foundation" is Asimov's epic for his own age about the decline and fall of a Galactic Empire. If you aren't watching the Apple TV+ adaptation you're missing out on one of the best sci-fi series of the century.

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  • Supernatural: The Complete Series - Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) face everything from demons to vampires, ghosts, angels and pagan gods. And with the help of the fallen angel Castiel (Misha Collins), they discover that every threat they vanquish opens a new door for evil to enter.

  • Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook - Featuring original artwork inspired by classic tarot iconography, the 78-card deck includes all your favorite characters from Sam and Dean to Bobby Singer to Castiel to Crowley.

  • The Nevers: Season 1 Part 1 - August, 1896. Victorian London is rocked to its foundations by a supernatural event which gives certain people - mostly women - abnormal abilities, from the wondrous to the disturbing. But no matter their particular “turns,” all who belong to this new underclass are in grave danger. It falls to mysterious, quick-fisted widow Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) and brilliant young inventor Penance Adair (Ann Skelly) to protect and shelter these gifted “orphans.” To do so, they will have to face the brutal forces determined to annihilate their kind.

  • Snowpiercer: The Complete Second Season - Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, “Snowpiercer” centers on the remnants of humanity who inhabit a perpetually moving train, with 1001 cars, that circles the globe.

  • American Gods: Season Three - Based on Neil Gaiman's novel, a mix of Americana and ancient mythology starring Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon.

  • Kung Fu - The Complete First Season - A quarter-life crisis causes young Chinese-American woman Nicky Shen to drop out of college and journey to an isolated monastery in China. But when she returns to San Francisco, she finds her hometown is overrun with crime and corruption and her parents are at the mercy of a powerful Triad. Nicky will right wrongs while searching for the assassin who killed her Shaolin mentor.

  • Rick and Morty: The Complete Fifth Season - America’s favorite crazy scientist and his grandson return for their long-awaited and highly anticipated misadventures.

  • 99.1% Pure: Breaking Bad Art - Brings together an electrifying collection of art from around the globe, personally curated by show creator Vince Gilligan and the Breaking Bad team. Featuring a dazzling array of styles, this one-of-a-kind book is the ultimate tribute to the series and its seismic impact on popular culture.

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  • The Art of AMC’s The Walking Dead Universe - Includes never-before-seen original sketches, concept art, storyboards, previs art, set concept and engineering art, promotional concept to completion key art, special product illustrations, in-world product art, and much more.

  • The Walking Dead: The Complete Tenth Season - Post-apocalyptic adventures in a world filled with zombies and survivors with radically differing senses of morality.

  • Mare of Easttown: The Complete First Season - Kate Winslet stars as Marianne "Mare" Sheehan, a police detective who sets out to solve a murder. Once a local basketball star, Sheehan has lost the confidence of her community.

  • The Crown: The Complete Fourth Season - As the nation begins to feel the impact of divisive policies introduced by Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, tensions arise between her and the Queen which only grow worse as Thatcher leads the country into the Falklands War. While Charles’ romance with a young Lady Diana Spencer provides a much-needed fairy tale to unite the British people, behind closed doors, the Royal Family is becoming increasingly divided.
  • The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook Collection - This gift set includes "Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook" and "Downton Abbey Official Cookbook" and features a detailed narrative history and extols the proper decorum for special occasion and holiday gatherings, gorgeous food photographs, lifestyle stills from the television series and recent movie, and character quotes, all of which bring the characters of Downton Abbey to life.

  • Fraggle Rock: The Ultimate Visual History - With a new series at Apple TV+ about to premiere, let's take a look back at the original series. This delightful volume tells the incredible story of the bighearted show that helped instill open-minded values in a whole generation of viewers. "Fraggle Rock: The Ultimate Visual History" follows the show’s creation, from early concepts to the incredible puppetry that brought the unforgettable characters, such as Gobo, Red, and Mokey, to life.

  • The Simpsons Lard Lad Funko Pop! Super - "The Simpsons" animated sitcom television show has been on-going since 1989. Relive, reminisce, and bring the family together for your collection with The Simpsons Pop! Lard Lad. Vinyl figure is 6-inches tall.

  • The Office: Funko Dwight with Blow Torch - Relive the episode where Dwight decided to blow torch the door handles during a fire safety drill.

  • Tiny TV Classics - Tiny, real-working TVs that feature the most famous scenes and quotes from the most iconic shows and movies around. Pictured: Bob's Burgers.

  • CSI New York: The Complete Series - All nines seasons from the "CSI Miami" spin off featuring Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and his team of crime-solving investigators through the streets of New York City as they work to solve mysterious murders and unusual crime scenes.

  • NCIS: New Orleans: The Complete Series - All seven seasons featuring Supervisory Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride (Scott Bakula) as he leads the pack at the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, where global security is a local priority.