Saginaw Future luncheon honors 36 local companies

Saginaw Future awards.PNG
Saginaw Future luncheon honors 36 local companies.{ }(Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

SAGINAW, Mich. - Saginaw Future held their 27th annual awards luncheon Friday.

Thirty-six companies were honored which included 35 projects from 2018 valued at nearly $142 million and retained over 800 jobs.

These projects represent significant development in manufacturing in the city of Saginaw, along with growth in several communities across Saginaw County.

"I credit Saginaw Future with the survival of Saginaw and the rebirth of Saginaw, including our own company. I'm not sure we would be there without them,” said Dan Dralle of Nexteer Automotive.

The Saginaw Future Procurement Technical Assistance Center Contractor of the Year was also awarded at Friday’s luncheon.