Profitt Report: You can travel back in time at this Genesee Co. Christmas attraction

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There’s nothing like an old-fashioned Christmas, especially when you can see the traditions up close and personal. Genesee County Parks is celebrating 42 years of Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad.

Not only is this a peak into post-civil war life, all the buildings are from the Lapeer/Genesee county area.

All this started when I-475 was being built, said Barry June, Genesee County Parks Director.

“The Wisner Carriage Barn was in the path of the expressway, it was a historic structure, they didn't want to demolish it, as well as a couple other buildings,” he said.

What started as an idea to save the buildings eventually transformed into a living village.

“I’ve seen pictures where they literally cut the second story off the building, removed it, put it on a truck and put it back together,” June said.

They added in a railroad from that same time, Huckleberry Railroad, and the village was born. At first, it was only open in the warmer months but decided to add Halloween and Christmas programs.

“It’s really so popular because generations of families come out here, we have families out here for the third or fourth generation,” June said.

So, what’s their secret to success? June said it’s all about treating their staff and volunteers well.

“They give a wonderful customer experience, it's all about the customer experience and how they're related in any business. I think that's our secret to success, our human resources, our people,” June said.

More than 50,000 people will visit the village for Christmas at Crossroads.

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