People disagree over move of US Embassy to Jerusalem

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Tzion Achvan (Photo: Joel Feick NBC25/FOX66)


Yesterday, during a report on the conflict between Palestinians and Israeli’s in Gaza we misrepresented Senator Gary peter's position on president trumps decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem saying the senator disagreed with the president’s decision.

Senator Peters' does not disagree with the decision to move the embassy but rather is concerned about the timing.

“We’ve always recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but prior presidents, both democratic and republicans, have often thought to move the embassy to Jerusalem would only heighten tensions, would only lead to more violence in the area, and would make it much more difficult to find a long-term lasting peaceful solution to create two states in that area of the world. Senator Gary Peters, (D) Michigan said, So, I have, ah, has reservations about it and I think we’re seeing play out right now the increased violence people predicted would happen with the move of the embassy is happening.”

Meantime, Hamas says 50 people killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers in Gaza on Monday were members of Hamas.

The violence broke out the same day that the U.S. opened its new embassy in Jerusalem.


(Flint, Mich ) When 60 Palestinians were killed in violence this week in Israel, it showed the escalating tensions in the middle east.

Here at home, there's new reaction to why it's happening and what can be done to stop it.

The deaths in Israel coincided with the controversial relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Was that a good idea?

It all depends on who you ask.

With his dual citizenship, Tzion Achvan, lives in Nashville but is a lieutenant for the Israeli army.

He came to Michigan, arriving at Flint's Bishop Airport, to speak to a church group.

Achvan feels it just makes sense.

Tzion Achvan says"Jerusalem is our capitol, only one since 4 thousand years ago. Embassys should be there. President Obama mis-read the whole world. And messed it up pretty good. Thank God that we've got Trump now together with Prime Minister Netanyahu fixing things.

Monday's violence in Israel shocked many.

It's been called the worst one-day death toll since the Gaza war back in 2014.

But a Michigan senator isn't surprized. He feels President Trump never should have moved the embassy.

Sen. Gary Peters, (D) Michigan says "Prior presidents both democrats and republicans have often thought that moving the embassy to Jerusalem would only heighten tensions. The increased violence that people predicted would happen with the move of the embassy is actually happening".

The fate of Jerusalem is a deeply emotional issue at the heart of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The Palestinians are now claiming East Jerusalem for their future capital.

They're outraged by the move and say it invalidates Washington's role as an impartial peace broker.