New water decision heads to Flint City Council

Joel Feick NBC25/FOX66

The future of Flint water crosses a big hurdle.

A state-paid consultant says, "this is a major major decision for the city, it's a 30 year commitment".

Consultant John Young says a new plan, to keep Flint connected to pre-treated water from what used to be Detroit's water system, the GLWA, would be the least expensive option and would lower water bills for consumers, eventually.

Governor Rick Snyder says "again rates are high in Flint, this actually sets a foundation we can build on to hopefully address those issues to hopefully lower rates in the long term. and this is a great answer".

At a Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee meeting: a thumbs up on the plan.

But they're hoping the approval process moves quickly.

Young says " every month the city delays approving the plan, the city loses $600 thousand dollars".

All the committee members voted yes.

Committee member and Flint councilwoman Vicki Van Buren abstained until council considers it.

Flint's Mayor says the proposed agreement is good on many levels.

Mayor Karen Weaver says, "we have some raw water that if someone wants to come back to Flint....General Motors or any other company, we have the ability to sell raw water and that's a revenue source for us" .

Mayor Weaver also commented on yesterdays resignation of water plant supervisor, Jolisa Mcday.

Weaver doesn't expect that will slow down the process and says the city may have something already resolved to fill the job quickly.

Next up for the approval process: Flint City Council. Young and the head of the GLWA will head there on Monday.

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next up: flint city council. they are expected to consider it on monday.