NBC25 & CW46 changing over-the-air channels

Beginning Thursday, June 20th at noon, WEYI & WBSF will change their over-the-air channels. (Picture from Storyblocks)

As of 10am today, WEYI NBC25 has changed over-the-air channels. WBSF CW46 will follow suit, changing over-the-air signals tomorrow, June 21 at 10am.

If you receive WEYI NBC25 or WBSF CW46 via antenna, you will need to rescan your digital receiver(s).

Rescanning is simple and requires no new equipment or services. For more information on how to rescan your TV’s tuner, visit or call 1-888-CALL-FCC.

WSMH FOX66 will not be changing channels.

The Federal Communications Commission held a spectrum auction in April 2017 to help improve and expand wireless services across the country for faster, higher capacity mobile broadband services. In the auction, TV broadcasters could voluntarily give up their current broadcast channel in exchange for a share of the proceeds from an auction of their channel to commercial wireless service providers to expand mobile broadband services.