Mid-Michigan reacts to race related controversy surrounding President Trump


Controversy surrounds President Donald Trump after a Thursday immigration meeting where he is accused of allegedly calling Haiti and some African countries and expletive word.

At a news conference on Friday where President Trump signed a proclamation honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Urban Radio reporter, April Ryan asked him, "Are you racist?"

The topic has been trending on social media for more than 24-hours since Thursday.

People who live in mid-Michigan are also reacting to the uncomfortable question.

Saginaw's Justin Lagin says he doesn't believe the president is racist but says lawmakers must speak with respect.

"No one in office or power should talk like that about any country" he says.

Merrill's Terry McDonald says he believes the controversy is fake and stirred up by Democrats.

"That's why everybody flees that country" he says.

Kenyan-born Freddie Miano says he's not surprised that the president finds himself in another controversy surrounding race. "It didn't sit well with me but Donald Trump is going to be Donald Trump" he says.

This comes as the Saginaw Islamic Center held an anti-bullying event on Friday.

Board member Dr. Sarosh Anwar says even if the president didn't use that offensive language, the line of thinking is prevalent in America and must be changed. He says education is key.

"I'm sure there are many other Americans who have negative impressions of African-Americans, Haitian-Americans or Muslims. Part of it maybe that they don't have other friends or people they've interacted with personally who belong to that faith or ethnic background" Dr. Anwar says.