69-year-old man dies following house fire in Richfield Township

Mount Morris Rd fire 2.jpg
Family members say a man is dead following a house fire. (Photo Credit: Andrew Fergerson)


Township of Richfield Police Department identifies the fire victim as 69-year-old Hubert Hensley.


RICHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A family is grieving after a man wasn't able to make it out of a burning home in Genesee County's Richfield Township.

Two others were also hurt.

The fire happened at a home on Irish and East Mount Morris Roads.

"Just pray for them because it's Christmas and all," Lisa Burgos said.

Lisa Burgos had to watch her sister's home go up in flames.

It was devastating for her to watch, but what was even more devastating for her was learning this fire took her brother-in-law's life.

Burgos said her brother-in-law Hubert Hensley, who they called Butch, just turned 70.

"He's a disabled vet," she said. "He can't walk. He has to use a walker and falls a lot and I guess he fell and they tried frantically to get him out."

Burgos said her sister and nephew were inside of the home at the time of the fire and did everything they could to help save him.

"Their arms and hands are all burnt up from trying to get him out of there," she said.

If it wasn't for two neighbors pulling her sister and nephew out, she said, she doesn't know if they would have been able to let go.

"Thank God for good people," she said. "Thank God for good people."

It was an emotional day for the Burgos, but she wanted to leave people with the following piece of advice.

"Hold your family tight because you're never promised another day with them," she said. "I mean I just talked to my sister last night about Christmas and what we're planning and then this happens today."

Her sister and nephew were both taken to the hospital.

Burgos said because of the burns and smoke inhalation, doctors told her they will probably be there for a few days.

As of now, they don't know the cause of the fire.

It is still under investigation.