Man recovering after Genesee Township grocery store parking lot attack

Ron Lemmon, Genesee Twp. Police Dept. 2.jpg
Ron Lemmon of Genesee Township is recovering after a grocery store parking lot attack.{ } (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

GENESEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - The Genesee Township Police Department made an arrest following a brutal beating in a grocery store parking lot.

A teenage boy is in custody.

The victim, Ron Lemmon, says it happened Tuesday morning in the Kroger parking lot on North Saginaw Road.

Lemmon has a concussion along with cuts and bruises across his face, but he is recovering.

It's a scary moment that can happen to anyone.

Lemmon says he was making a morning grocery store run to Kroger when a young man approached him in the parking lot.

The suspect asked him for money to buy cigarettes and he said no.

That's when Lemmon says the teen started hitting him on the head and threw him into the side of his SUV several times.

Lemmon managed to get in his vehicle and drove to his home where he called 911.

Now he's asking others to be aware of their surroundings.

“We all need to be real wary when we hear this all the time when we are in a parking lot especially during odd times like that and everything else,” says Lemmon.

Township police are forwarding their information to the Genesee County Prosecutor's office.

Genesee Township Police Lieutenant Robert Waters says this is not common at that Kroger.

If you saw what happened or have any information Genesee Township police want to hear from you.