DIY ways to clear ice from your car windshield

ice removers 2.png
DIY ways to clear ice from your car windshield (PHOTO: WEYI/WSMH)

GRAND BLANC, MI. -- Freezing rain left a coating of ice for those south of the I-69 corridor Wednesday morning.

Roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and cars were all coated in ice.

And when you're trying to get to work, taking time to scrape the ice off your car is a hassle.

When the ice is coated on your car, it takes a while to clear, but there are some household items you can grab to make the process a little easier.

Here are some items you can try: a water, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap mixture; water and white vinegar; hand sanitizer; and of course the trusty scraper.

The two mixtures seemed to help the best.

Tanisha Lattimore said she didn't have an easy time clearing her car this morning, "And it took me about 15 minutes to you know get the ice and everything off my car. And I couldn't find the the ice the windshield scraper so I just let it melt away."

Icy roads are expected Thursday morning, so you will want to give yourself time to clear your cars and get to where you need to go and just remember to slow down.