Dog wash makes bathing pets easier, and fun


CLIO, Mich. - They say dogs don't like baths, but maybe those dogs have never been to Buddy's Dog Wash.

Truth be told, bathing can be a lot harder on the person washing the dog, than it is on the actual dog.

"Put my bathing suit on, put him in a bathtub or shower- the door would go flying open, him go running out covered in shampoo, shaking all over the house," That personal experience inspired owner Devin Conlee to open Buddy's Dog Wash. right inside his self service car wash in Clio.

"I went to a convention in Vegas and I seen one of the tubs and I thought, 'I gotta build one of these," Conlee says of the washing stations he now has at Buddy's.

Conlee says the response has been huge since he opened Buddy's six years ago, "It's great; so good, I am opening a new location in Otisville. I do about 400 dogs a month, "

But, not all who wander into Buddy's are canine.

Cindy McNew says Baths at home just weren't working out for Molly- her 200 pound pig, "My husband and I would try getting her in the tub. With her trying to hop in and us trying to boost her in, and then she just got too big. This has been a god-send."

Molly doesn't seem to mind, plus, she gets treats, Cindy says, "I don't know if she likes it or not, but I know she feels better when she gets it."

Which is about twice a month, but customer Earl Rogers says he brings his dog , Jean, here much less often.

Jean's a show dog, and over- washing can actually dry your pet's skin, "You end up getting dogs scratching and hotspots."

When he does need to lather Jean up, Earl says the set up at Buddy's makes the job a whole lot easier, "As you can see, you have a steady stream of water and shampoo, so, rather than do it at home, where you have to wet the dog down, then put the shampoo in your hand and work it in. This gets them totally covered."

You have your choice of oatmeal based shampoo and conditioner- even flea, tick and de-skunking products. Eight minutes of washing time will run you 5 dollars. And, yes, of course they have blow dryers.

Buddy's is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, too. It's located at 3445 W Vienna Rd, in Clio. You'll find their facebook page here.