Accused Grand Blanc apartment complex killer found guilty, but mentally ill

Jacquelyn Tyson{ } Joel Feick NBC25/FOX66

FLINT, Mich -

56 year old Jaquelyn Tyson was found guilty but mentally ill of 2nd degree murder in the death of 45 year old Tami Johnson.

Johnson was a mother of 5.

Judge Joseph Farah also found Tyson guilty but mentally ill of first degree murder in the death of 20 year old Lyric Work.

Judge Farah said there was no question about who did it.

But there was something Tyson said to a 3rd woman inside the Grand Oaks Apartments that day, that played a role in the verdict.

Judge Joseph Farah "she turned to her victims and according to 1 maybe 2 witnesses she said, I'm not here for you".

Farah felt that showed Tyson knew right from wrong,

Even though all the doctors agreed Tyson is mentally ill.

It lead Farah reject Tyson's attorney's argument that she was insane at the time of the killings.

The courtroom was packed with supporters of the victims, including work's dad.

Terry Taj, father of victim says "thank you to the community for showing the support as well. Was very grateful Judge Farah saw what needs to be happening and i think we're OK with the verdict".

Farah will sentence Tyson on August 6th.

In the meantime, she'll be held at the Huron Valley Women's prison in Ypsilanti.

Work was 9 months pregnant at the time.

That child, Marley, who's now nearly 3 years old, was in court for a portion of the proceedings.

A woman who calls herself work's best friend was emotional after Judge Farah read the verdict.

Alexis Randt, friend of victim says"she was my sister, my best friend. I'm just so happy that his is done with. This has been way too long coming".

During Tuesday's court decision, Tyson was found guilty of second degree murder in the death of Johnson and first degree murder in the death of Work, but mentally ill beyond a reasonable doubt in both.

Her sentencing is schedule for August 6.