911 call of Clio rock throwing incident played in court


FLINT, Mich. - It was an emotional day in a Genesee County courtroom for the family of victim Kenneth White, and the man who was driving the van the night he was killed on I-75.

White was killed on October 18, 2017 when a six-pound rock was thrown from an overpass and crashed through the windshield of the van he was riding in.

Mikadyn Payne, Alexander Miller, Mark Sekelsky and Trevor Grey all agreed in August of 2018 to plead guilty to manslaughter.

The fifth suspect, Kyle Anger, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Sekelsky was in court Thursday.

Judge Joseph Farrah must decide if Sekelsky will be sentenced as a juvenile or an adult.

An emotional and frantic 911 call made by the driver of the truck, Steven Amthor was played in court.

Amthor told the judge Sekelsky should be sentenced as an adult.

“You can sugarcoat it anyway you want, I believe that premeditated murder is prior to, they went and picked up the boulders. They knew what they were doing, I think it needs to be dealt with harshly,” said Amthor.

A social worker testified suggesting it would be better for Sekeslky and society if he was sentenced as a juvenile.

“Because I think his needs could be better addressed in the juvenile justice system. I definitely think he needs intervention, I just think the juvenile justice system is a better place for him to get that intervention,” said social worker Jennifer Zoltowski.

Judge Farrah did not make a ruling Thursday.

Court will be back in session in early March when the detective on the case is expected to testify.