Woman gives away stimulus money to save local store


Sue Ann Bishop owns Victorian Purses by Sue in St. Charles.

She says the store was packed right up until the stay home orders began.

“We were rocking people were buying handfuls of yarn, buying the diamond dots” she says.

Then it all changed.

“Boom all of a sudden that dial got turned off”.

Like many small business owners, keeping the doors open looked a bit grim.

“We’re at 50 percent sales, there’s not anything coming in for a while and we’re trying to move on again and honestly it’s very difficult” says Sue.

Enter, a miracle.

“She asked how everything was going, right after we reopened” says Jacqui Burgess.

Jacqui Burgess is a volunteer at Sue’s shop. She was at the cash register when a woman, who is a regular there, walked in with an unexpected gift.

“I told her that it was slow and she says I want to share something with you and she handed me this envelope. She says I want you to have that to pay your rent or do whatever you need to with it. She just said thank you, see you later, and out the door she went” says Jacqui.

One thousand dollars. The woman’s government stimulus payment.

“I just stood there in shock because it’s heartwarming the generosity people show” says Jacqui.

According to Sue that would equal 2 months rent.

Sue says there aren’t enough thank yous in the world, or beads on the wall, to repay the woman for her generous gift.

A tight “knit” community, look out for each other and in their darkest moment, helped crochet it back together.

“This business has been built on a lot of amazing women and on a lot of hugs” Sue says.

“That’s the one thing we can’t do right now is hug, it would mean a lot if we could hug that person and tell them what a difference they have made”.

You can check out the website for Victorian Purses by Sue by CLICKING HERE.

You can check out the Facebook page for Victorian Purses by Sue by CLICKING HERE.

If you want to visit yourself, the shop is located at 148 S Saginaw St, St Charles, MI 48655.