Why are local playgrounds so important?

Playground build Clara Hilborn.PNG
Children enjoy Clara Hilborn Park playground in Flint. (WEYI/WSMH)

FLINT, Mich - The most obvious benefit of playgrounds is that they get kids moving.

"Just being active, 30, 45 minutes, up to 60 minutes a day, does wonders for a child in terms of health and overall wellness," said Dr. Matthew Sardell with McLaren Sports Medicine.

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Mclaren sports medicine specialist dr. Matthew Sardelli says the equipment at playgrounds not only gets kids active, but they are also vital to physical development- things like coordination.

"Those kids are actually climbing things, they're developing core muscle strength," said Dr. Sardelli.

While each attraction is constructed for movement- hurley child counselor, Recco Richardson says playgrounds are catalysts for so much more than physical development.

"On the monkey bars, you're challenging yourself, you're pushing yourself. those are things that children need. that's how the brain develops. it develops from being challenged and stimulated," said Recco Richardson, PHD, Hurley Counseling Center.

Playgrounds also teach vital life skills like how to get along with others.

"When you're sitting on your iPad device or your phone, you're not doing any social interaction. playgrounds offer a wide variety of options for kids to interact socially," said Richardson.

Their skylines dotted by monkey bars and slide forts, playgrounds are truly vital learning grounds for full, happy lives.

"Playgrounds are more important than having a sidewalk in your subdivision, or your community because children need a designated place, a safe place, where they can go outside and enjoy.," said Richardson.