Westwood Heights Schools using electrostatic sprayer to disinfect buildings

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Westwood Heights Schools using electrostatic sprayer to disinfect buildings

FLINT, Mich. --- Class is in session for the custodial staff at Westwood Heights Schools. The district kicks off virtual learning on September 8, but wants to get ahead of the learning curve on it’s COVID-19 cleaning standards.

"Safety is our number one concern, so we want to try to use every technology available to us to create a safe environment," said Leslie Key, Hamady High School principal.

On their website, the Centers for Disease Control has a disinfecting guide for schools, recommending frequent cleaning and sanitizing to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

David Cole with Supply Pro Divison of Joshen Paper in Grand Blanc says he’s been to multiple districts in mid-Michigan training staff on EPA-approved products.

"What is now structured through CDC is a two-step cleaning process where step one you are going to clean and disinfect those services taking them down to ground zero," said David Cole, salesperson for Supply Pro/Joshen Paper in Grand Blanc.

He added,"Step two is going to be with a electrostatic sprayer that I am holding from Victory or the backpack sprayer for larger areas.

The electrostatic sprayer can be used to quickly clean hotspots like restrooms, cafeterias, and gymnasiums helping with efficiency.

"Our man hours are going to be tight as of now with all the expectations if and when the students come back, so this hopefully will help our custodial staff," said Tim Clontz, Director of Operations for Westwood Heights Schools.

After each classroom is wiped down, custodians will use the product to disinfectant the entire building which we're told is a two-hour process.

"There are just teachers in the classrooms at this time, so we plan on doing that process twice a week right now. It'll be an every night thing if and when we come back to school," said Clontz.

The sprayer uses a strong bleach alternative that dries on surfaces within minutes. Cole says best use of the product will be after school, and if used properly the chemicals aren't harmful.

"They are deemed safe, again you want to make sure that you are wearing gloves cause you are dealing with a chemical," said Cole.

This isn’t the only step the Hamady Hawks are taking for safety. The district is fully stocked with wipes and sprays for classrooms and other supplies.

"We bought a ton of thermometers, and the equipment, UV lights for our technical side, scanners temperature checks for each building," said Clontz.

Stepping into unchartered territory, the district says the products provide peace of mind you can’t put a price on.

"There's no price tags on people's lives," Key added, "We're going to do whatever we can to make sure our students are welcome..... make sure our staff feels safe coming into the building."

Click HERE, for the EPA's list of approved disinfectants against the coronavirus and HERE for the CDC's back to school disinfectant guidelines.