Teens write book explaining COVID-19 to younger kids


Three Michigan teens wrote and illustrated a children’s book called "We Can All Be Heroes,” to help kids better understand COVID-19.

The teens are in a residential treatment program at Wolverine Human Services and were challenged to come up with a creative way to help younger kids understand and cope with the pandemic.

16 year-old Anna, 14-year-old Naomi and 17-year-old Vinesse decided a children's book would would be the best way to reach kids.

They designed a 20-page book using superheroes to creatively teach kids how to wash their hands, practice social distancing and keep from spreading germs.

They even wrote a song about washing your hands to the tune "Rain, Rain, Go Away".

Wolverine Human Services is in the process of self-publishing the book and plans to distribute it to all foster children it serves.