Road Trippin': Newschannel 3's Kate Siefert hops aboard one of South Haven's tall ships

News Channel 3's Kate Siefert boards one of South Haven's tall ships at the Michigan Maritime Museum in September 2020. (WWMT/Kate Siefert)

Summer is winding down, but the sails in South Haven are still flying.

With some guidance from Captain Bob Harnish, News Channel 3's Kate Siefert traveled aboard the Friends Good Will at the Michigan Maritime Museum.

Michigan Maritime Museum: Website | Directions

The museum displays exhibits on its authentic waterfront campus, and offers immersive experiences aboard the water fleet.

Harnish has been commander of the fleet for three years.

"I oversee all of our on-water vessels and I am the captain of the tall ship," he said.

The Friends Good Will is a replica of a merchant ship that plied the Great Lakes in 1812.

"We are so proud to have a replica that was built for the museum and funded by the museum," Harnish said. "We are able to take guests out and preserve the maritime history of the Great Lakes through sailing on our tall ship."

Harnish said the museum had implemented new safety measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To ride one of the museum's three water exhibit vessels out to Lake Michigan, it was necessary to make a group appointment.

"We wanted to make sure our guests were comfortable and that they are safe," Harnish said. "We have gone to group charters only. We feel that you would be comfortable with going on our ship with your own group, rather than mixed in with individual ticket holders."

The vessels were set to continue taking sail through September.

"There are plenty of opportunities," Harnish said. "September is good sailing, good times out on the water. The river trips are going to be wonderful this year when the colors start to change."