Profitt Report: Vargas & Sons Tortillas celebrates 50 years in downtown Saginaw

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Photo credit: Sarah White

It’s not the nomenclature used by the new generation but Alejandra Vargas of Vargas and Sons Tortillas is proud to call their business “Home of the Taco Bread.”

“My father is 90-years-old so this one buddy of his said, oh we call it ‘taco bread’ in our neighborhood,” she said.

That turned into a slogan and part of their identity as a business.

“Just a little jingle and of course you fold it up like a taco, you roll it up like a taco, so everybody calls it taco bread,” Vargas said.

The little shop on South Park in downtown Saginaw has been serving their corn tortillas for 50 years. Vargas’s father first came to Saginaw in search of work and he found it like so many others at GM, but then he and his wife bought the store.

Vargas said he’d work overnight at the plant, sleep for a few hours, then start selling tortillas around 3 p.m. until it was time to go back to GM.

“He went into his station wagon, it was a station wagon back then, and went from store to store,” she said.

Today, Vargas doesn’t take for granted the sacrifices her parents made. We asked her, what’s your advice to a budding entrepreneur?

“Even though they're struggling, you can't say, ‘OK, I give up,’ if there's something you want in life, you have to put that struggle in there,” she said.

She’s also proud of the product they produce.

“They last for about like three weeks, there are no preservatives,” she said, “we just put in water and lime and corn.”

Vargas and Sons Tortillas is celebrating 50 years of business with prizes, free samples and other giveaways. Stop by their store at 125 S. Park in downtown Saginaw from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Sunday, June 24.

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