Profitt Report: This family-owned greenhouse shares their secrets to success

Photo credit: MGN

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers. As home gardeners get ready to plant, one Genesee County green house is celebrating 79 years of blooming business. With more than one million square feet of greenhouse space, Bordine’s says they are the largest family-owned grower and garden retailer in the state.

“For so many people, it's like they're on vacation when they come here,” said Calvin Bordine, third generation in his family business.

They have locations across southeastern Michigan but the magic happens in Mundy Township.

“We take a lot of pride in growing what we sell and we're one of the few in the area that do the majority of the growing to sell for retail,” said Bordine.

Their acres of growing space contains high-tech equipment, so they can grow plants even if mother nature isn’t cooperating.

“The weather can play some games. Again, we are farming and anybody that's into farming, any type of agriculture, you just change based on what mother nature gives you,” Bordine said.

Rolling with mother nature’s punches is something the Bordine family learned along the way.

“This business was started by my grandparents back in 1939 in Rochester at a roadside stand,” Bordine said.

Founder Darrell Bordine figured out, if he starts the seedlings in a greenhouse, he can sell them earlier in the season, which means more income.

“Pretty much during the baby boom time I think is when our business really started taking off and from there it's just kind of grown,” Bordine said.

When Darrell passed away, Bordine’s had one Rochester Hills location. Today, Bordine and his father grew this business into four locations and more than 600 employees. We asked: what advice would you give to a new entrepreneur?

“Believe in what it is you do. I don't think it's always all about money, you have good years, you have bad years. If you enjoy what you're doing and believe in what you're doing, I think that can take you a great distance,” Bordine said.

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