Profitt Report: A local tradition, the Genesee Co. Fair celebrates 169 years of history

Photo credit: Jennifer Profitt

It’s part farming, part fun and part tradition. A mid-Michigan county fair is celebrating 169 years of connecting the community with agriculture.

Chris Miller is executive director of the fair and has been involved since 1996. He explained, in addition to the carnival atmosphere, agriculture is the foundation of the fair.

“We invite the public to come out and bid on the animals. You can put food on the table for your family but what you're also doing is helping in the educational process for the kids and they use the money from that auction for college tuition,” Miller said.

This part of the fair has taken on new life as attitudes about food change, he explained.

“More than any time in history, people are concerned with where their food comes from,” Miller said, “we have a whole crop of new exhibitors that are getting involved in home gardening and its' a great thing it's a great thing for your health, it's a great thing for the community and obviously for the fair.”

What’s the secret to their 169 years of success?

“We have approximately 400 volunteers and without these volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to survive. They're the life blood of our organization.”

The fair runs through Aug. 26. For a schedule, please click here.

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