Pet groomers reopened and booked solid


Nothing like a little pampering, but if you want some for your pooch, get ready to wait in line PetSmart Flint is booked through June.

"We have a cancellation list, so if somebody cancels, we can try really hard to get you in but, other than that, it's July before we can make appointments," says Rhonda McGraw.

The PetSmart grooming department staff hasn't had a break since they were allowed to re-open.

"We opened last Monday," Rhonda says, "And our phone did not stop ringing for about 12 hours straight."

But the large number of customers trying to get in is not the only issue here.

Groomers can get fewer pets in at a time than normal, Rhonda says, because of social distancing, "We've really had to stagger our appointments and we can't take as many. We can only have one person in the lobby at a time, and so that's really staggered how many people can come in. And, then, we've also had to limit the amount of people that are working in there."

You absolutely must make an appointment to get in, even for things like nail clipping.

Rhonda says PetSmart simply can't take walk-ins right now, like they usually do, "We would get 20 dogs a day that walked in just for nails, because people knew that's what they could do. It was easy. And now, we've scheduled extra people to be there, just for doing nails but now it's a lot different."

If you want to get your pet groomed, but you're worried about going out and being exposed to coronavirus, Rhonda says, no worries, you never have to set foot in the store, "We're doing a curbside check-in. So we come out to your car. You do have to get out of your car with your dog, just we can see him walk and make sure he's good. And then we'll bring him in, and we'll bring him back out when we're done."

You can book an appointment at any PetSmart by calling, or through the website. Just click here.