One school bus company shares how it plans on keeping students safe against COVID-19

One school bus company shares how it plans on keeping students safe against COVID-19 (Mid-Michigan NOW){ }

BIRCH RUN, Mich. - Over the last few weeks, schools have been opening up across the state and in order for students to get back to the classroom, they need transportation.

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One bus company shares its plan on how it is keeping students safe from coronavirus.

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Dean Transportation, a company based out of Lansing, runs the buses in Birch Run and 150 other school districts across the state.

Kellie Dean, the CEO and president of Dean Transportation says they put a lot of time and thought into the cleaning process of these buses.

Kellie Dean said, “We are going to be diligent. We are going to continue to practice what we believe for Dean Transportation to be the best practice.

The process starts with an anti-microbial treatment called MicrobeCare.

Learn about MicrobeCare here:

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It's unique bonding technology can last for months and has been shown to eliminate more than 99.99% of microorganisms on surfaces quickly.

That includes viruses like the cold and flu.

Kellie Dean said, “We are part of a study where they will come in with special detectors and check every seat. They are looking for micro-organisms. They did it before and will every couple of weeks.”

Buses are sprayed down with an EPA approved disinfectant before and after every route with a deep clean conducted at the end of every week.

All students are required to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer before boarding the bus.

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Kellie Dean said, “Our partnership really begins with parents and their children at home. We are asking each and every one of them to do their own health screen before they head to the bus stop.”

All Dean staff are screened daily using an electronic reporting system, are given PPE, and are trained on how to properly wear it.

Kellie Dean said, “We are doing our own diligent internal effort to make sure our employees aren’t spreading any of the virus."

If a student or worker tests positive for coronavirus and has been on a bus, that bus will be taken out of service for at least a week.

Dean says the bus will be set aside with windows down and doors open for proper ventilation then get a high powered and heavy-duty cleaning before heading back on the route.