Hope Township woman and grandson donating Christmas gifts for flood survivor families

Hope Township woman donates Christmas gifts for flood survivor families. (Photo credit: Mid-Michigan NOW)

HOPE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - As those families affected by the May floods continue piecing their life back together, one local Hope Township woman is paying it forward to help.

Sue Drager - Carl, otherwise known as the lady with a kind heart, and her seven-year-old grandson, Braden Huckins, plan to gift Christmas donations to 12 families who lost everything due to the May floods.

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But before she can, she needs the community’s help finding those families.

“Just decided this would be a way to give back to the community, and the surrounding areas that their kids and their families had lost everything at Christmas,” said Drager-Carl.

Drager - Carl’s efforts started about 10 to 15 years prior where she would give gifts to anyone throughout Midland and Gladwin County.

But this year, she decided to focus on flood survivor families.

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“I was in a position at one time where I was a single parent raising two kids on my own, worked real hard and went to school, was never able to help anybody out, and this is just my way of giving back,” explained Drager- Carl.

Drager - Carl says she rarely asks for donations, and doubts she’ll ask around this time either, because she believes this is what you’re supposed to do.

“Not only at Christmas, not only in times of disaster, but always,” she said.

A message she says is important for her grandson to learn as he helps her in the process.

“As he grew older, I would ask him well what do you think a little boy your age would like, or what do you think a little girl would like,” she explained.

Drager - Carl says her plan is to donate to at least 2 families in each county affected by the May floods.

Those included are Midland, Sanford, Edenville, Albright Shores and Beaverton.

She plans to give anything from toys, books and clothes to newborn babies, those up to 18 years of age and their families.

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“Do what you can. It’s what you do, and stay humble and kind,” said Drager - Carl.

Nominations began Saturday, October 3 and will continue until the end of this month.

Those looking to submit a name can go the Facebook group called Braden's Chest of Hope: A New Christmas Beginning where those individual family names will be drawn on November 1.