Keeping military members' pets safe during deployment


She gives them so much love and care, but Aya and Nala are not Bonnie Hasman's pets.

"Boarding. Foster. I refer to it different ways but I'm a, I'm a temporary parent," Bonnie says.

Aya and Nala aren't waiting to be adopted, their real pet parent is far away, deployed with the military, and Bonnie is watching over them while she's gone.

"I can't imagine having to leave and leave my animals behind and now know, you know, worrying about em," Bonnie says.

Bonnie, who has fostered animals for rescues in the past, had actually never met Aya and Nala's mom, until she discovered an organization called Dogs on Deployment.

"I think I saw a clipping on TV about Dogs on Deployment," Bonnie says, "And I thought, "That's something I can do.' I'm used to having dogs around, you know."

Dogs on Deployment matches volunteer foster parents with service members who have to leave their pets when they go on duty.

"It's my way of honoring the men and women, you know, the military," Bonnie says.

Aya and Nala are Bonnie's second set of foster pets through the organization.

She's says she' not just caring for the pets, she's keeping a long distance connection between them and their military mom, far away, "I try to make sure at least once a week, I send pictures and videos and an update of what they're doing."

While the dogs had to adjust to life without their mom, Bonnie says these two are doing great, "Oh, they're really good girls."

When Aya and Nala 's mom returns, Bonnie will have cared for the pups for more than a year,

"You're real happy that the parent is home and safe physically," Bonnie says, "And you cry when they leave."

While those goodbyes are painful, Bonnie says, it's all worth it in the end.

Bonnie says this is her thank you to those who sacrifice so much, "To think what they are willing to do for me- they don't know me, you know, It's the least I can do for them."

If you are interested in the Dogs on Deployment program, you can find more information here.