Divorce rates spike during coronavirus quarantine


The coronavirus pandemic has families spending a lot more time together for better or in some cases for worse.

Living in confined spaces is putting a strain on marriages. Some couples are deciding whether to stay together or part ways.

Jessica Woll is a Michigan family law attorney and she says at the start of the pandemic people were calling just to inquire about the divorce process, but now she's getting a lot more calls of people who are ready to press the button.

Woll says there's been an uptick in virtual filings and divorces and she expects that number to skyrocket once the courts fully re-open.

She says she has seen some interesting things from couples who are on the brink of splitting. The couples who have been handling things more amicably are still amicable given the circumstances, but those who have been hostile are even more extreme.

Woll says every case is different and of course things get more complicated if there are children involved or major assets.

To help people through the process she decided to pull her +25 years of experience as a family law attorney together into a book called "The Wise Divorce".

The book also covers talking to your children about the divorce which can be a difficult topic.

Woll says her advice is people shouldn't wait to get a divorce because the pandemic is going on. The courts are still open and handling cases virtually.

You can learn more about her book "The Wise Divorce" here.