Artists, community members join in solidarity to create mural

Artists, community members join in solidarity to create mural. (PHOTO: Al Berry)

FLINT, Mich. - For weeks, the nation has joined forces to fight for equality and to put a stop to police brutality.

As the crowds grow stronger, so does their message.

In Flint, the city is using their creativity to showcase equality.

"This is what Flint is about. Flint isn't about separation, it's about inclusivity," said Sandra Branch; Flint Activist/Organizer.

For years, Branch has been a voice for the city.

When approached by the Flint Public Art Project to collaborate on a mural symbolizing the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for justice, she didn't hesitate to get involved.

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"Instead of keeping it a secret and surprising a pop-up mural, we decided to go ahead and include the community to make this a true grassroots effort," Branch stated.

Stretched down Martin Luther King Avenue from the intersections of University Avenue & Fourth Avenue, lies a mural with three words...Black lives matter.

When finished, Branch says there will be a Black Lives Matter fist in between each word, a silhouette of Martin Luther King Jr. and a crowd of protestors standing in solidarity spray painted along the bottom.

"I want people to just see the beauty of it...the beauty of black, black is beauty," said DeWaun Robinson.

Robinson works with Black Lives Matter Flint and says he hopes illustrations like this set the tone for the future.

"We here and we're going to stay, this is not just a fad, this is not for the time being, this is for a lifetime. We have this wonderful opportunity to change the world and that's what's been taking place all around the nation," said Robinson.


Robinson says though there's still a lot of work to be done, this is another step in the right direction.

"Until we make change, we will continue to keep pushing on and continue pressing the issue and keep sending the message. I just hope it inspires everybody to get active and do the good work, be righteous, try to live in the best form of humanity as possible," Robinson stated.